InnuOS - release 2.0.8

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    Nuno Vitorino
  • on 13-11-2021

innuOS 2.0.8: Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

  • New setting to keep Innuos Sense App awake whilst it's being used,
  • Show large cover when clicking the album cover on Now Playing screen
  • Sense UI will now reconnect quickly when the app returns to the foreground,
  • Album not Found when opening any Qobuz album after navigating on Qobuz for some time
  • Restart Server does not refresh back to Sense UI
  • Tidal sync does not update changes done in Tidal Website
  • Tidal page displays "Tidal Could Not Connect"
  • Uploaded Album cover not saving correctly
  • New Releases displays less albums than New Releases in Qobuz Website
  • Interface gets locked on ripping page if Assisted Ripping is started on another instance of the UI
  • Cloud track removed from Music Library in streaming service remains in library after sync
  • Radio search not handling characters like "รง"
  • Refreshing the app while playing a track, makes the track appear listed as Last Tracks in the History Page
  • When Backup runs some folder names are changed to lower case and creates duplicates
  • Updating artists through mp3tag leaves outdated artists in ML
  • Last played tracks carousel in Home Page disappears
  • [Sense] Log download does not work
  • On search, user-created streaming playlists have option to remove and not to delete
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

If you are experiencing issues with duplicated tracks after a backup, please rescan your music library on Server > Settings > Storage after the update is installed.

InnuOS - release 2.0.7

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    Nuno Vitorino
  • on 07-10-2021

This is a bug fix release to resolve issues with the music library caused by a regression bug on version 2.0.6 as well as previous issues with Backup and Sonos.

New Features and Improvements
  • Provide feedback to user when inserted a non-configured drive for backup
  • CD Ripping stays on finishing disc permanently
  • Music Library not updating after importing music
  • Sonos configuration not working
  • [Backup] - Backup mounts wrong partition with drive formatted in exFAT
  • [Backup] - Drive formatted in exFAT not recognisable on MacOS
  • App not identifying / getting server names when in Roon Mode
  • Move to Playlist option is missing
  • [Albums] Unable to Sort by Artist
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

If you are missing recently imported music or CDs, please use the rescan option on Server > Storage > Rescan.

InnuOS - release 2.0.6

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    Nuno Vitorino
  • on 08-09-2021

This update is planned to be available on Sept. 13th for all systems running innuOS 2.0.5.

New Features and Improvements
  • New option to sort Albums by Title or Artist
  • Artist A-Z index now ignores prefixes
  • System no longer relies on ping to determine if it is online
  • Album cover files now support using the album title, thumb.jpg and album.jpg in addition to folder.jpg or cover.jpg
  • Removed possibility to move forward/back on track progress when on the collapsed player to prevent mis-touch when opening full player
  • Player not starting up after reboot - Player Connecting message
  • [Qobuz] - Search in Artists Page does not return results
  • [Search] Symbol '&' breaks search
  • Switch to Online after shutting down in Offline mode
  • Not able to set .wav albums as compilation in Edit Album
  • Play button in Folders page does not send tracks to queue in the correct order
  • Crash when visiting New Music tab
  • Track list not listing all tracks
  • Tracks in mp3 with average bitrate (ABR) are not displayed in the Music Library
  • Issues with playback with some Apple Lossless files
  • Other small fixes and performance improvements

InnuOS - release 2.0.5

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    Nuno Vitorino
  • on 02-08-2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved performance when loading playlists from Qobuz
  • Improved performance to add queue to a playlist
  • New Issue Type (Bug, Question or Feature Request) added to Contact Support form


  • Roon Experimental Mode not working
  • Compilation Albums being split with one album per track
  • On some albums, one of the tracks shows as Unknown Artist
  • NAS Shared Folders not rescanning completely
  • Some albums are missing and/or some album covers not showing
  • Some WAV or AIFF files are not playing correctly
  • Updating Artists message does not progress
  • Creating a new playlist with My Library filter active breaks playlist covers
  • If Roon is enabled while Updating Artists is active, it gets stuck
  • App fails to add Qobuz tracks of a Qobuz playlist to a new or existing local playlist
  • Other small fixes and performance improvements


If you are affected by the Compilations issue or missing albums and covers, please go to Server > Storage > Rescan to correct