InnuOS - release 2.4.5

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    Stephen Healy
  • on 09-08-2023

New Features and Improvements

  • New Tags view on Music allowing to navigate the library by tag
  • Search and sort tags alphabetically or by number of albums on each tag
  • Show Albums, Album Artists, All Artists and Composers by tag
  • Select two or more tags and merge them into one, updating all relevant files
  • UI Improvements on Artist, Album and Playlist pages
  • It's now faster to add streaming services tracks to playlists and the queue
  • Improved loading time of Smart Mixes with music from Shared Folder
  • Streaming Services Home Widget now goes directly to streaming services management page

Bug Fixes

  • Overlaid button on iOS (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • SENSE app not recovering after device going to sleep when in Roon mode (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Album filters totals are incorrect when changes are made while filters are selected (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Clicking in (?) on 'Add Shared Folder' will cause the UI to crash (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Editing Albums with M4A tracks fails to save track number (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • In the SENSE app home page, horizontal swipe triggers vertical movement (Known Issue on Feedback Zone)
  • Some WAV tracks are listed as compressed
  • Accessing track info to the HRA tracks, in duration displays NaN:NaN
  • Accessing Artists and Albums on HRA and back keeps loading the page
  • Tracks added to library from Qobuz lack the option to add to favourite
  • Clear UPnP database is not working
  • MQA Tracks with commas in the path are always decoded
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements